A couple of years ago I started growing my beard and that's when I started looking into different ways of maintaining my beard, and it was legit taking over.
I looked into many different products and even tested most of them out, but was not satisfied with the results. That's when I decided to try something different, to make my own. That's when it all began!

I started out making Beard Oil in my dorm room for myself. Then my friends and surrounding asked if they too can give it a go. To my surprise they were all coming back to me with the best feedback and that they loved the product.
From then on when I made my batch I made more for all the demand it was receiving, the amazing feedback was continuing.
My thoughts and my surroundings were telling me to share this awesomeness with people who are going through the same ordeal, giving you too the opportunity to maintain your beard the right way.
That's how Hadras Ponim was formed. Our products came about through trying all different ways now able to provide you with the perfect products. We've produced now several Beard Oils and Beard Balms, we're super excited to provide you the opportunity to grow and awesome beard. 


 'Hadras Ponim' means 'glowing countenance,' and having a healthy beard is the perfect beginning to accomplishing that. It is our mission at Hadras Ponim to provide our customers with products that will assist them on their pursuit of a perfect beard. We do believe that everyone deserves a Hadras Ponim.


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